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Lavva Lounge

Enjoy the lively and laid-back atmosphere of LAVVA, where you can get delicious cocktails, exclusive beverages, the best dining experience, and try our chef’s signature dishes. If you’re looking for some serious food and the mouth-watering taste, our menu list is available everyday from lunch to dinner.

About KTV Suites


KTV Suites

The 20 luxurious karaoke suites are equipped with one of the best sound systems available, broadband internet access and much to offer. A different kind of entertainment option with an impeccable standard of service, audio and visual quality, an utmost service, savory foods, pampering chairs, extraordinary accompaniments, luxurious interior, and satisfying refreshments.

About OSZ Bar



If you don’t feel like booking a suite, our whisky bar is open daily with a special drink that made-to-order by our finest mixology team. Exciting refreshments as well as offering a complete Ultra bar experience. It is definitely a place preserved for wanderers, breeze of experience, and the art of pairing food with a wide Premium Whisky Selections.

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